Crafting Your Dream Outdoor Escape in Slovenia.

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Every Day is an Adventure and Every Hour Counts...

At HourAway, we're not just your typical tour guides; we're two outdoor sport enthusiasts, Nejc and Klemen, who turned their passion into HourAway, a mission to redefine how you experience Slovenia.

Our story begins with a shared love for the great outdoors, a desire to explore every nook and cranny of our beloved Slovenia, and an unwavering belief that quality personal experiences are the heart of any memorable journey.

With HourAway, you're not a tourist; you're an adventurer, pedaling through valleys, conquering trails, and soaking in stunning vistas.

We believe that every hour spent in the great outdoors counts. Our adventures are carefully crafted, tailored to your preferences, ensuring unforgettable experiences that reveal the heart of Slovenia, from culture to natural beauty.

Join us at HourAway, where every day is an adventure, and every hour counts. Welcome to our world of exploration, adrenaline, and authentic connections. Welcome to HourAway.

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Hotel Zamorc Škofja Loka


Where will we stay?

Our philosophy revolves around immersing yourself in the authentic essence of Slovenia. That's why we partner with small boutique hotels, inviting guesthouses, and delightful farm stays, all lovingly operated by hospitable locals.

Our aim is to welcome you into the heart of our community, where we collectively exchange stories, embrace traditions, and go on genuine adventures together.

Historical trenches on Sabotin mountain, a poignant reminder of past conflicts.


Is it safe?

Your safety is our utmost priority. We go to great lengths to ensure that every aspect of your adventure is secure.

First and foremost, all the gear we provide is meticulously maintained and in excellent condition. From bikes to helmets, you can trust that you're equipped with top-notch equipment.

Moreover, we meticulously plan our routes, primarily keeping to marked biking trails and cycling paths that are away from the hustle and bustle of car traffic. 

We're committed to strict compliance with all laws and regulations, guaranteeing a safe and lawful journey. Additionally, we take care of all transportation logistics, leaving you free to focus on enjoying your adventure with complete peace of mind.


Meet Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of local experts who are passionate about sharing the hidden gems and remarkable experiences that Slovenia has to offer.

Meet Nejc Peternelj, the co-founder and passionate bike guide at HourAway, leading your adventures in Slovenia.


Nejc Peternelj

Meet Nejc Peternelj, the co-founder and guide at HourAway. With a lifelong passion for skiing, mountain biking, and exploring the world, Nejc's enthusiasm is infectious. With over a decade of experience teaching skiing in the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland, and as a seasoned diver, kitesurfer, and mountain biking guide, Nejc's knowledge and expertise are unmatched. He thrives on sharing his skills and love for adventure with others, making every journey with him a memorable and educational experience.



Klemen Gerbec

Meet Klemen Gerbec, a co-founder and guide at HourAway, who shares a deep love for the great outdoors and thrives on uncovering the hidden gems of nature. As an avid mountain climber, freeride skier, and mountain biker, Klemen's passion for adventure is boundless. With an intimate knowledge of Slovenia's most stunning locations, he's your ticket to the country's most breathtaking spots. 

Meet Uroš Peternelj, your dedicated bike guide at HourAway, ready to lead you on unforgettable adventures in Slovenia.


Uroš Peternelj

Meet Uroš Peternelj, the youngest and most energetic addition to our team at HourAway. With his vibrant spirit and a penchant for fresh adventures, Uroš brings a breath of new life to our journeys. He's the founder of the highly successful 'Send It Slovenia' channel, where he and his team uncover secret cliff jumping locations across Europe, adding an exhilarating twist to exploration. Uroš is not just about making a splash; he's also an accomplished bike and hiking guide. 



Jožica Zalatel

Meet Jožica Zalatel, the heart and soul of the Zalatel wine farm. A passionate and gracious host, she warmly welcomes our guests to her vineyard, offering an intimate and personal wine experience like no other. Jožica is not just a guide; she is the owner of the Zalatel wine, sharing her deep knowledge and love for wine with everyone who visits. From tasting to understanding, every moment spent at Zalatel is an immersive journey into the world of wine, guided by the expertise and hospitality of Jožica herself.



Mateja Reš

Meet Mateja Reš, the embodiment of sustainable living and the warm-hearted host of the 'Garden of Tastes.' With a lifelong dream of cultivating a sustainable lifestyle, Mateja invites our guests to her eco-educational farm. She takes you on an enlightening guided tour of the garden, sharing her passion for healthy, local, and seasonal ingredients. What sets Mateja apart is her dedication to the cause, honed over years of practical experience and knowledge sharing through articles, books, lectures, and workshops. At 'Garden of Tastes,' you'll not only enjoy a delicious, locally-sourced meal but also discover the inspiration and motivation to make positive changes in your own life.



Anka Vodnik

Meet Anka Vodnik, the warm and inviting host of 'Kmetija Pri Andrejon.' With an open heart and a wealth of knowledge in cheese making, Anka warmly welcomes our guests to her charming farm. She shares the art and craft of cheese making, allowing you to experience the tradition firsthand and savor the flavors of local cheeses. Anka's hospitality extends beyond cheese; she greets you with delectable homemade desserts, creating a heartwarming experience that leaves a sweet memory of Slovenia.

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Loved by Our Guests

Rated 5* and loved by our community. Here's what our guests have said about their adventures.

We had such a great trip with Nejc and HourAway Bike Tours! Nejc made our trip so personal, we felt so welcomed everywhere! The country is truly beautiful. Through Nejc, it seemed we got to experience many things that the average traveler would not be able to experience. Even the accommodations were wonderful, we never wanted to leave!!

Karen Stuckey

We had a great time exploring Poljanska Valley with Uroš, covering a variety of terrains and seeing lots of beautiful views. Everything was very well tailored to both of us and we had a very fun active day trip from Ljubljana that we would highly recommend. Everything was super well-organised as well. Excellent and quick communication and we were picked up and brought back to the accommodation we were staying. Would definitely book an activity or even trip with Houraway again 😊

Anne S

Nejc organized an awesome eMTB trip for us! (and fairly last minute) We biked out from Ljubljana center and made it ~20KM into the hills nearby (thank you e-bikes) covering a variety of terrain. Additionally, Nejc is just pleasurable company and we enjoyed getting the chance to hear about his experiences and share ours. Really looking forward to being able book another adventure with Hour-Away!

Dan Coll
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Klemen Gerbec

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