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Custom tour


Trip duration: full day​    Distance: flexible  Elevation: flexible​   Highest point: flexible​  Size of the group: Max 5 people​   


Difficulty: The tour is fully adjustable to your skills and fitness level.

Meeting point: We will pick you up at your location.

Want a fully personalized tour?

Ljubljana sure is a capital, but a very green one. A couple of pedal strokes away from its center, there is are hills, forests and nature. We will take you to the hills of Polhograjski Dolomiti, where you will find peace and quiet, not more than 15 minutes cycling from the city.


There we will put our mountain bikes to work and cycle up the gravel roads to Toško Čelo, from where a magnificent view of Ljubljana opens. Our path will continue on the ups and downs of some of the nicest gravel roads around, until we reach the saddle called Sv. Katarina. There another view opens, boasting to the north-west, all the way to the Alps. Our electric mountain bikes will have to handle one more steep section there and we will be rewarded with the highlight of our tour -  the church of Sv. Jakob. A church-on-a-hill is very common and characteristic in Slovenia, but Sv. Jakob is pretty unique, with its 360 degrees viewpoint. You can literally see half a country! After a break, we will descend towards Grmada peak, where a mountain biking pinnacle awaits - sweet and smooth singletrack, for our fat tires to enjoy and to get some adrenalin pumping! That part is completely optional and will be enjoyed most by more experienced cyclists, however, we will make sure everybody will enjoy the tour to its own abilities and ambition. 

Now we can take a break in a nice local restaurant with a view, try some traditional delicates and rest a bit before the descent. We will finish the tour by the local lake Koseze Pond, and take a stroll through the city park back to the starting point. If you still feel fresh, we can also take a mtb tour of the Ljubljana center for the finish.


  •  Mountain biking off the beaten paths

  • St. Katarina, St. Jakob (viewpoint over the whole Slovenia)

  • Štruklji (traditional Slovenian food)

  • Ljubljana city center


  • Rent of high-performance eMTB

  • Helmet

  • Professional local guide

  • Tour planning 

€90 /person

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